'X Factor' Will Be A Reality Show 'On Steroids'

Creative director of Simon Cowell's upcoming competition series tells MTV News it will be 'like the VMAs every week.'

Fans have been wondering for months now what to expect when Simon Cowell's Stateside interpretation of "The X Factor" starts up on September 21. According to the Fox show's creative director, Brian Friedman, it's going to be ... big.

"Basically 'The X Factor' in the U.S. is every reality show you've [ever] seen on steroids," he told MTV News when we caught up with him on the 2011 VMA black carpet. "It is like the VMAs every week."

Friedman — a veteran choreographer who has worked with a number of pop stars, most notably Britney Spears — has a history with "The X Factor" franchise. He not only hosted the British version for some time, but he also served as its creative director. The Fox show will step up its game week after week to ensure that it's all about going big or going home, Friedman promised.

"The performances that we do on there are boundless; there are no boundaries," he continued. "We don't stand inside a box. There is no right or wrong. Every rule you could possibly break in TV, [we do]. So expect to be wowed every week."

Friedman joins host Steve Jones, as well as the judges: Cowell and his former "American Idol" co-star Paula Abdul, record executive L.A. Reid and ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger

"American Idol" has always had scratch-your-head-type contestants, and earlier this year Cowell confessed that he hoped to keep that spirit alive on his new show.

"I love unusual people. I always say, you've got to embrace the madness," Cowell laughed. "I like that we're going to be very open-minded. I think we're going to have good enough people on this panel that we're not gonna miss out on anyone who's got potential."

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