LMFAO Call David Guetta A 'Party Starter'

French DJ, who just dropped Nothing but the Beat, is the 'happiest person you'll ever meet,' SkyBlu tells MTV News.

LOS ANGELES — David Guetta's just-dropped new album, Nothing but the Beat, features a handful of A-list contributors, including Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, will.i.am, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Akon and Usher. It's Guetta's latest entry into the world of mainstream music, and it seems that everyone in pop is scrambling to work with him.

When MTV News caught up with dance duo LMFAO, who worked with the French house-music DJ on the 2010 track "Gettin' Over You" (also featuring Fergie and Chris Willis), they revealed the real reason why everyone in the business wants to hop in the studio with Guetta.

"Well, he is a party starter; great DJ, great personality," RedFoo told MTV News last week before the 2011 Video Music Awards. "He shares his software with you. [He's like] 'Here's the whole bundle, enjoy.' I don't think we're supposed to talk about that ... but he would."

RedFoo's party partner, SkyBlu, said Guetta is such a pleasure to work with because he's an easygoing guy. "[He's the] happiest person you've ever met. He'll put a smile on your face no matter how bad your day's going. [If] you're gonna hang out with David, you're gonna have a smile on your face."

While they didn't share whether they had any plans to work with Guetta again, the guys did reveal that they shot the video for their next single, "Sexy and I Know It," in L.A. earlier this week.

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