Kim Kardashian's 'Jam' Video Leaks Online

Leaked portion finds newly married reality star flaunting her famous assets.

There are a few things Kim Kardashian is known for: her near-ubiquitous reality TV presence, her recent lavish wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries ... and for the rest, you just need to watch the first 54 seconds of the upcoming video for her debut single, "Jam (Turn It Up)."

The opening of the Hype Williams-directed clip showed up on Perez Hilton's site on Monday, and it's pretty much what you might expect. The first image you see is Kardashian lying on the floor covered in sweat, or oil, as her name scrolls by in giant pink neon letters that fill the frame.

Once the thumping disco beat produced by The-Dream kicks in, we are treated to an up-close-and-personal shot of the other thing Kardashian is best known for: her rear. As she crawls across the wet floor, the camera zooms in on Kardashian's assets, sheathed in barely-there pink leather booty shorts. The beat keeps pumping as Kardashian slithers toward a giant spinning exhaust fan.

Her face and hair dripping with greasy moisture, Kardashian mouths, "Turn me up, turn me up, turn me, turn me, turn me up," while nearly subliminal still images of her tongue rolling over heavily made-up red lips pulse on the screen. And those are pretty much the only lyrics we hear, accompanied by more images of a dewy Kim K. rolling around on the floor and touching her hair.

Near the end of the clip she explains, "I'm goin' out tonight/ It's going down/ Headed straight to the front of the line," while conveniently rolling onto her back to give us a peek down her barely hanging-on dirty wifebeater to show off her other most famous lady parts.

Kardashian debuted the song back in March on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, while also tweeting out some stills from the shoot, but she has not yet announced when her debut album will be released.