Katy Perry Explains Why VMAs Are 'Funnest' Show

'You just want to watch a spectacle, you want to watch what goes down,' Video of the Year winner tells MTV News.

As anyone watching the MTV VMAs over the years can attest — anything can happen. And Sunday evening's action-packed broadcast did not disappoint. There was Gaga in drag, Chris Brown flying on wires, Beyoncé making her baby announcement and general electricity in the air around L.A.'s Nokia Theatre.

"Anything can happen during the VMAs," Video of the Year winner Katy Perry told MTV News. "It's definitely just the funnest awards show of the whole gamut, of all the awards shows. The VMAs are like a f---ing monkey out of hell awards show," she laughed. "You just want to watch a spectacle, you want to watch what goes down and I think so many different sparks fly creatively."

Speaking of sparks flying, romantic moments are fast becoming a trademark of the big show, whether it's a couple meeting there for the first time and, as in Perry and Russell Brand's case, getting married, or teen royalty like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez sharing a kiss or two.

"People feel like they can be themselves," Perry explained of the VMA vibe. "So, if sparks fly creatively, I'm sure they're flying romantically as well."

It's not surprising that the "Teenage Dream" singer is a fan of the Video Music Awards, considering she not only got a husband out of the deal but also a couple Moonmen. Going into Sunday night, Perry was nominated in nine categories and picked up two trophies for Video of the Year and Best Collaboration.

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