Adele Caps Huge Year With 'Someone Like You' At VMAs

Singer puts spotlight on her voice for stripped-down performance.

After being introduced by Katy Perry, British singer [artist id="2476941"]Adele[/artist] opened her Video Music Awards set dressed in a simple black dress, standing solo center stage.

The lights came up and illuminated the woman who easily was one of the most-anticipated performers of the night. Even pop superstar Lady Gaga told MTV News that "she's a breath of fresh air and she's so exciting and her music is adding another dimension to radio that's so important. She's [also] a truly lovely person -- which, to me, is always my favorite."

Adele most certainly didn't disappoint Gaga and the rest of her fans.

Her breakout hit, "Rolling in the Deep," from her second album, 21, is the best-selling record of the year so far, but Adele decided to forego performing the ubiquitous hit, and instead she sang the sorrowful song "Someone Like You," also from that hot-selling album.

With her hair pulled back -- and a signature ponytail traipsed over one shoulder -- she sang the second single from her critically acclaimed album. She did vocal aerobics and dripped her soulful, sultry sound over the dark ballad, while a transfixed audience watched her.

Emotion reverberated throughout the piano-driven track -- she was backed by a pianist who played in the darkness a few feet behind her -- as she belted out the tune that deals with the painful end of a relationship.

At the end of her performance, fellow Brit and Video Music Awards house artist Jessie J shouted out her appreciation for Adele, before going into Perry's "Firework," a song that seemed appropriate after bringing a house down.

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