'Jersey Shore' Stars Make Their VMA Picks

Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' is Pauly D's favorite to take home a Moonman on Sunday night.

At the Video Music Awards, the hottest names in pop culture come together at what ends up looking like one big televised party. And of course, the cast of "Jersey Shore" would never miss a party, which is why they hopped on a last-minute private jet to escape Hurricane Irene and get to L.A. in time for the show.

But before the VMA partying gets under way, MTV News sat down with the cast and got them to talk serious business: guessing which artists will take home the Moonmen on Sunday night (August 28).

Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Cee Lo Green, Kanye West and Eminem are all battling it out in the Best Male Video category. After some back and forth about who should take it home, Jersey housemates were still pretty split between the nominees, but the standouts were Bieber, Eminem and West.

"If I was like 13, I'd hit that," Snooki said of 17-year-old Bieber.

Pauly D was partial to Bruno's "Grenade," for obvious reasons. "Thank you for making a song about the girls my friend takes home," he joked. "Thanks, bro."

The cast spent about as much time arguing about the pronunciation of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," as they did discussing the nominees for Best Female Video: Katy Perry, Adele, Minaj, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. But in the end, they seemed to think it was really only a two-woman race between Beyoncé and Gaga.

So, why does Ronnie think Beyonce will win? "I'm gonna go with Beyoncé 'cause she wins every category that she's in," he said (defying logic and facts, we might add).

The experts have also been placing bets on who might nab Best Female at the VMAs. "I feel like Adele has to win one of these and this may be the one, just because among these people, she also feels like the outlier," Entertainment Weekly staff writer Kyle Anderson explained. "Everybody else is very polished and in the mainstream, and I like an outlier."

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