Lady Gaga's VMA Performance Inspired By 'Archetypes Of Psychology'

Gaga tells MTV News about the ideas behind Sunday's big show opener.

Lady Gaga has graced many an awards show stage in the past two years, and this Sunday will mark her second performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. But there's one significant difference this year: Gaga's opening the show. Hoping, as always, to keep us guessing, she's has been tight-lipped so far about her highly anticipated appearance, but she did tell MTV News about the rather high-minded inspiration behind it.

"Right now, I'm obsessed with the archetypes of our psychology and all the different people we can become or have become in the past," Gaga said. "Our potential for the future and how do we in our minds sort of compartmentalize our different personalities. So that's something that I'm fascinated with right now. It's almost as if I'm reviewing my life as a play."

So how does all that come into play when coming up with a memorable VMA performance?

"My approach to music and performance is not just about what happens on the stage," Gaga said. "My whole life is a performance, and it's about pushing the boundaries of pop culture and for myself, deciding where the stage begins and ends, not allowing anyone else [to tell] me when or how I can perform. I can perform when I choose."

Balloons? Blood? Jo Calderone? See what Gaga fans are hoping her VMA performance will include.

Gaga is confident that she will deliver what her Little Monsters want on Sunday night, since the creative idea for her set came to her just as fast as the idea behind her bloody 2009 VMA "Paparazzi" performance.

"It came as quickly as the last one did," Gaga said. "Any good performance flows out easily. If I have to think about it too much, something is wrong."

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