Lady Gaga VMA Wish List: Balloons, Bones And More

Little Monsters make predictions (and suggestions) for Gaga's fashion and opening performance come Sunday.

When [article id="1669610"]Lady Gaga was asked[/article] about plans for her opening performance at Sunday's 2011 Video Music Awards, she told MTV News, "I'm pretty good at knowing what my fans want me to do."

Mother Monster is certainly in tune with the needs of her Little Monsters, and if anyone could guess what the unpredictable pop star has planned on Sunday, it's them.

Some fans predict that her 2011 performance will be an extension of [article id="1621395"]2009's blood-soaked "Paparazzi" number[/article]. One of Gaga's Twitter followers wrote, "I reckon it's gonna be quite eery + scary, and full of blood!" Many thought it would mimic [article id="1669343"]her VMA promos[/article], which had a jazzy style and Gaga playing piano.

Others thought she would tap into themes from her "Yoü and I" video, with several fans suggesting she'll appear as her [article id="1669370"]mermaid alter ego, Yuyi[/article]. When MTV News correspondent Jim Cantiello talked to fans in Times Square during [article id="1669342"]"MTV First: Lady Gaga"[/article] last week, one silver-bra-clad Little Monster said, "I'm hoping for some mermaids and some fish," while @killermuses predicted she would perform "inside of a giant aquarium."

One thing fans definitely want to see is a guy named [article id="1669240"]Jo Calderone[/article]. @Steveo_010 tweeted, "Hopefully she invites @JoCalderone as her 'date.' " @JustJustan predicts she'll accept awards as her male alter.

In terms of what song she'll perform, many fans guessed "Yoü and I," while others were pulling for "Heavy Metal Lover," "Bloody Mary" and "Government Hooker" with the possibility of a medley.

No one will ever forget the [article id="1669690"]meat dress Gaga wore[/article] at last year's VMAs, so speculation about her potential fashion is widespread. @MonsterStarGaga thinks the singer will wear a "bone dress"; other bets were on outfits made of lights, leaves and balloons. A few fans like @rACHEL_hALE13 suggested the most shocking thing for Gaga to do would be to "dress 'normal' no costumes, just simple!" (Since [article id="1669775"]Gaga promised to make a "statement"[/article] with her fashion, we're guessing simple is out of the question.)

Or maybe Gaga would consider a simple look for one outfit, but she will likely change multiple times. When asked to predict how many times she would change, one blond-Gaga-wig-wearing fan in Times Square guessed: "17."

Will Lady Gaga take the stage alone or is a duet in the cards? Fans predicted Beyoncé would join her to perform "Telephone," and @mafeux suggested she "invite @alyankovic to perform a duet of [article id="1666137"]'Perform This Way.'[/article] "

Who knows what is going to happen? But we can expect, as @tabithadavis17 tweeted, "On a scale of 1-10 for outrageousness...I'd say 100."

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