'Breaking Dawn' Photos Tease One Hot Honeymoon

'Twilight' couple, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, get steamy in a new batch of stills.

Fans were already invited to Bella and Edward's "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" wedding, and now, new photos are giving a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated honeymoon.

Chess game on the beach of Isle Esme? Check. Scantily clad swimming sessions under a waterfall? Check. Bella's realization that she's pregnant with a half-vampire, half-human baby? Absolutely. Summit certainly didn't skimp with this round of stills, which includes some of the pics featured in last week's Entertainment Weekly.

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Judging by the photos, viewers can expect plenty of romancing during the "Breaking Dawn" honeymoon. First, there's the moonlit naked rendezvous that was teased at Comic-Con, and these stills show off another sexy trip into the water. Kristen Stewart certainly appears to be enjoying herself in the first picture, but it looks like she and Robert Pattinson are being interrupted by an unwelcome visitor in the second.

There are three other pictures of Bella and Edward being adorable, including one of the couple playing chess. It is a nod to the cover of the "Breaking Dawn" novel, which features a queen at the forefront of a chessboard. Spoiler: The queen represents Bella coming into her own in the final "Twilight Saga" installment.

While one picture shows Stewart and Pattinson in their honeymoon bed, the presence of director Bill Condon spoils a bit of the excitement. Fortunately, there are other cute pictures showing them riding on a yacht to Isle Esme and then walking around the island together. The last image of the two of them shows that there's some trouble in paradise, though, as Bella clutches her stomach after realizing she's pregnant.

Another photo shows Cullen siblings Alice and Rosalie — played by Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed — doing Bella's hair in preparation of her wedding. It is one of the few wedding-related images that has been shown beyond the actual wedding sequence that was teased in the trailer.

The only still released that doesn't have anything to do with the couple at the center of "Breaking Dawn" is one of Reed and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. It's a tease for the argumentative interactions that the two characters have in the final two "Twilight Saga" films, something that became a fan-favorite part of the last of Stephenie Meyer's novels. Fingers crossed that this picture takes place while Jacob directs one of his many blond jokes at Rosalie.

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