Anne Hathaway 'Surprised' Fans With 'One Day' Accent

'I've had people come up to me [and] say, 'I didn't think you could pull it off,' ' she tells MTV News of her British accent.

"One Day" might not mark the first time Anne Hathaway has a British accent in a film, but that doesn't make it any easier to get back into character after filming has wrapped.

When MTV News caught up with Hathaway, we asked if she could turn the English accent on easily, having previously acted with a British accent in "Becoming Jane," but she said she never had an easy time slipping into it.

"The accent, as soon as I left England, the accent left me," she said. "We had to go back to do [audio] looping; I made sure I went over many days in advance to get back into it. It's not one that comes naturally, for sure."

To prove her point, Hathaway offered to show off the remnants of her accent to MTV News. " 'Ello, MTV, how's it going?" Hathaway said in her best Cockney voice while wearing a big smile on her face.

"I just insulted, by the way, an entire nation of people," she said afterward, but British co-star Jim Sturgess appeased her by saying, "I feel all right about it." That earned a laugh from Hathaway, who said, "OK, good, I have one on my side."

So far, Hathaway said she hasn't gotten any negative feedback about the accent. Everyone she's talked to who has seen her in the flick has been impressed by her performance, and she's hoping it will stay that way.

"I've had people come up to me who have seen it actually and they say, 'I didn't think you could pull it off.' And people feel inclined to tell me that they really had no faith in me whatsoever," she said with a laugh. "So far, it's ended with a 'But you surprised me, and I really enjoyed your performance.' But I'm just waiting for that person to come up and say, 'Well, I knew you couldn't do it.' "

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