Pill Aims To Cure Rap's Ills With Diagnosis Mixtape

'Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan' is 'an ode to the streets,' MC tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artists: Pill and DJ Scream

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: The Diagnosis

Real Spit: Pill has already proven he's sicker than the average MC. After causing a stir with his pair of breakout 2009 mixtapes 4180: The Prescription and 4075: The Refill, the Atlanta rap rookie garnered all sorts of attention that would boil over when he appeared on the cover of XXL magazine's 2010 Freshmen cover.

Pill followed up with 1140: The Overdose and then made a power move earlier this year when he signed with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and appeared on the label's Self Made Vol. 1 compilation.

Pill's latest mixtape, The Diagnosis, is anchored by the hustle-focused, basketball-inspired single "Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan," on which he linked with DJ Scream to tell tales from the bottom. On "Send One Down," Pill worked with Trae Tha Truth for a God-calling mellow tune.

When it comes to Young Pillionaire's music, it isn't necessarily thugging for the sake of thugging; more often than not, there is a message behind the bullying bars. If judged by the title alone, one would think that "New Clothes and New Shoes" would be filled with empty rap rhetoric and boasts of overpriced diamonds and exaggerated shopping sprees. Pill goes another route: Instead of glorifying his drug sales, he explains the reason behind his hustle. On "One of These Days," the rapper ponders his dreams, wondering when they will actually come true.

With The Diagnosis, it seems that Young Pill is that much closer to realizing his dreams.

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» "Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan" — " 'Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan,' that's kinda like a 'Trap Goin Ham' — me basically lettin' y'all know what's goin' on in the trap. It's off the backboard, 'Scottie Pippen, Tim Duncan'; it be so hard it's off the backboard, ya feel me? It's just basically an ode to the trappers and an ode to the streets and some real hustler music that they can relate to, because that's where I came from and I can't stray away from it."

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