Mike Myers 'Interested' In 'Austin Powers' Sequel

Reports that Myers had signed a deal for the follow-up to 'Goldmember' are contradicted by Deadline New York.

Oh behave, "Austin Powers" fans, because a sequel might not be in the works just yet.

News broke over the weekend that Mike Myers was "signed, sealed, delivered" for "Austin Powers 4," the long-awaited follow-up to 2002's "Goldmember." HitFix confirmed that Myers had signed a deal to return to the franchise, but now Deadline New York is reporting otherwise. The entertainment website is saying that, despite Myers' interest in the project, no deal has been signed yet.

Apparently all that's happened is that Myers has expressed interest in a proposal for the movie that New Line presented six months ago, and it's not a full-blown deal. The project had seemingly fallen by the wayside after Myers' 2008 flick "The Love Guru" tanked at the box office, and he disappeared from Hollywood (barring a brief appearance in "Inglourious Basterds"). But New Line sought to revitalize the project recently and sent out a new offer about six months ago. Deadline is reporting that Myers' representatives have finally responded that Myers is interested.

There's no word yet on whether Myers' writing partner Michael McCullers will be back for the fourth installment. "Austin Powers" director Jay Roach also has not been announced for the upcoming flick. In fact, there's no confirmation that a script has even been written, though New Line commissioned one in 2008 and Myers has frequently said that it's a work in progress. But this news definitely seems to inspire hope that an "Austin Powers 4" deal is on its way at some point soon.

The last MTV News heard about the project was at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. Only a month earlier, Roach told MTV News that Myers was working on ideas for the script, though it wasn't completed yet. Myers later echoed that while promoting "Shrek Forever After" at Tribeca.

"Things are on track. It's hard to keep a Stanley Cup team together and I'm very happy how insanely well it's gone. Then it gets hard to get everybody all together. It's chugging along," Myers said. "I'd be very happy to do it in 7-D. I can't tell you exactly how it works. Actually, I left the plans for it in a bar and somebody saw it. But it's very exciting."

No word on "7-D" in either the Deadline or the HitFix reports, but fans of the franchise can rest easy knowing that it seems like an "Austin Powers 4" will likely hit theaters over the next few years. All together now: Sake it to me, baby!

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