Jani Lane Recalls 'Cherry Pie' Criticism In Vintage Video

'We thought it was a pop-art video,' singer said of sexy clip featuring model Bobbie Brown.

In 2011, Warrant's video for "Cherry Pie" hardly seems very controversial. But when it was released in 1990, the kitschy clip, featuring model Bobbie Brown dancing around in super-short cutoffs and a red halter as the bandmembers drool after her, earned them a bit of flak.

Following the death of frontman Jani Lane on Thursday, as fans remember Warrant's biggest hit, MTV News looked back into the archives to find Lane's defense of the clip and song, whose lyrics aren't exactly talking about baked goods.

"We put out the 'Cherry Pie video [and] we had a girl in it, she wasn't completely [naked but] she didn't have a parka on, so right away we got labeled as a sexist bunch of kids," he said in 1991. "But we did it because we thought it was a fun video. We thought it was a pop-art video. It was a fun song.

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"I don't think all music has to have any political significance or a deep religious meaning," he noted. "You can have fun rock and roll. That's the roots of rock and roll. Chuck Berry wrote about cruising around in the car, in the back seat with a girl, so that's what 'Cherry Pie' was, and you can take it for what it's worth."

Lane and Brown later married and had a daughter together before divorcing in 1993. Lane was found dead in his hotel room in California on Thursday. He was 47.

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