Demi Lovato Reveals Album Title, Unbroken

LP will be released September 20.

Come September 20, [artist id="3079280"]Demi Lovato[/artist] is declaring she's Unbroken. The singer took to Twitter and Facebook to formally announce that as her forthcoming album title.

On Thursday, Lovato teased her followers with a string of tweets that read, "Do you guys want to know my album title....??!!!? Are you ready because I'm about to announce it.......... In.......," she wrote. She then launched into a tweeted countdown before revealing, "#UNBROKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!" and tweeting a glammed-up photo of herself in a long black skirt and fur jacket, wearing red lipstick. She then started the hashtag "#Unbroken920."

She made a similar announcement on Facebook, adding, "I'm happy to announce the title of my new album: Unbroken!" The title is a reference to her personal strife over the last year. Lovato was released from treatment back in January after seeking help for cutting, eating disorders and bipolar disorder.

She launched her comeback single, the equally empowering "Skyscraper," earlier this summer. The track, she says, hit her on an incredibly emotional level. "I doubled over," she told Elle of recording the emotional song. "Tears streaming down my face. It was a sight to see."

She's been spotted in the studio working on tracks with Missy Elliot, Timbaland and production team Rock Mafia (who have also worked with Miley Cyrus). She's set to perform at the VH1 Do Something Awards later this month for her first public performance since opening up about her personal issues.

With so much anticipation for her latest venture, she is now looking to the future. "I'm not going to be perfect, but ... if I can make it through the day, that's all that matters," Lovato said. "It's a daily journey, and it's definitely going to be a struggle that I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life."