'Jersey Shore' Cast Promises 'Action-Packed Drama'

'It was definitely very wild,' the Situation reveals to MTV News.

We are now two episodes into season four of "Jersey Shore," and we've already seen hookups, drama and GTL take over the streets of Florence, Italy. Yet, the cast of "Jersey Shore" promised MTV News that things are just getting started, and the most shocking things are still to come.

"It makes Miami and last Jersey [season] look like nothing," JWoww revealed.

"It looks like 'Sesame Street,' " the Situation added.

The "Jersey Shore" stars loved Italy overall, but find out Snooki's biggest complaint about heading to the mother land!

If you're having trouble picturing how this season could possibly top the previous seasons, the Situation assured fans they're in store for something they've never seen before. "It's like an action-packed drama," he said of the gang's time in Italy. "It was definitely very wild. My new nickname is 'Jean-Claude Van Sitch.' "

Yes, "Jean-Claude Van Sitch" certainly packed a punch this season, but he wasn't the only one. It seems that everyone got involved in the drama, which still surprises some of the cast.

Regarding the most shocking thing viewers will see this season, Snooki said, "all of the fights." "Even us watching it, we are, 'Oh s---! Really?' "

If you tune into "Jersey Shore" for something other than the physical altercations, Vinny promises they've got everything covered. "If you're into physical fights, we got that for you. If you're into sex things, we got that for you," he teased. "A little bit of everything that will shock the hell out of you."

So, at the end of "Jersey Shore" season four, what will viewers take away? "I think everyone's gonna be like, 'Wow, they really had a trip,' " Deena said.

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