Rebecca Black Leaves School After Bullying

'Friday' sensation will now be home-schooled by her mother.

Rebecca Black announced that she has left school after the bullying that followed her instant rise to fame became too much for her. The "My Moment" singer will be now be home-schooled.

When her hit song "Friday" went viral, so did the harassment at school. In an interview with ABC's "Nightline," Black said that the teasing had become too much to bear, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Black's mother, Georgina Marquez, will now personally take charge of her daughter's education.

Last month, Black spoke to MTV News about her instant success, which includes racking up millions and millions of video streams on the Internet. She said it was still hard for her to wrap her head around.

"People tell me that all the time. ... I don't really believe that I'm huge. It's kind of like I like to keep thinking of myself that I can keep growing and keep doing better. I feel like I can still do this better ... and maybe one day, I mean, it's only been four or five months since this all happened," she noted. "I feel like maybe in a few years, maybe when I'm 16 and I've had a little more experience, I'd have finally built all that confidence to make me believe all that I've done."

Black is set to release her debut EP, which will include "Carried Away," a song that addresses the topic of bullying. "My favorite song is one that hopefully we're putting out for the next single," she said. "It's really cool. It's about past friendships that haven't really worked out so well. I feel like it'll give reassurance to all the girls out there that have lost a friend, 'cause I lost my best friend through all this.

She also revealed that she and her team had tweaked the song to make it apply to her life experiences so far.

"The song was given to me, and it first started off by being kind of [about] relationships and someone moving out — like a couple and they're moving out — but then we changed it up to best friends kind of packing up and going from your life," she explained. "And if you say your best friend backstabbed you, and I've been through a lot of that, and I feel like a lot of girls have and a lot of guys have. And it's really cool; it's one of those that you can turn up the volume all the way in your car."

As Black deals with the negative side of fame, perhaps the best advice she received may have been from her pal, pop star Katy Perry.

"She really just gave me a lot of support, really reassured me," Black recalled to MTV News. "She was very reassuring and kept telling me, 'Keep doing what you're doing, don't listen to the haters.' I mean, a lot of people have told me that, but coming from one of my idols, that really gave me an impact; that really gave me that reassurance that I really needed.

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