'American Idol' Winner Scotty McCreery Releases Debut Video

'Idol' runner-up Lauren Alaina also debuted her first video.

Interscope Records boss Jimmy Iovine promised that the rollout of music by this year's "American Idol" winner would be much faster than in the past, and he wasn't kidding. While champ Scotty McCreery has already scored a top 40 hit with a digital album collection of tunes from his "Idol" run, he is now the first "Idol" victor to have an official music video out less than three months after his win.

Teenage country crooner McCreery debuted the bare-bones clip for his coronation song "I Love You This Big" on his website on Monday night, and it finds him earnestly singing the midtempo tune as his band sets up behind him in a Los Angeles park. Short on flash, the clip consists mostly of McCreery looking out pensively into the distance as he lip-synchs the plainspoken love song and families gather 'round to watch the concert.

Halfway through, the action turns to a nighttime scene, with lights strung around the stage as a series of fresh-faced young ladies approach their fellas and lean in for some chaste hugs and kisses while digital fireworks explode in the sky. Good guy that he is, McCreery tipped his fans off to the fact that his mother makes a cameo in the clip.

While the quick turnaround video for "Big" was impressive (given that McCreery is in the midst of the grueling Idols Live! summer tour), even more surprising was that this year's runner-up, fellow country teen Lauren Alaina, also dropped her first video on Monday on her website.

Alaina's video, for her single "Like My Mother Does," already has the high-schooler looking more glammed up and Hollywood country, in a touching effort that prominently features home movies of the singer and her mother. In between shots of a wistful Alaina singing the homage to her momma inside a Southern country-comfort home while looking directly into the camera, fans see clips of her performing as a child and celebrating birthdays with friends and family.

Some of the pictures and videos are projected on the inside of the rustic home and intercut with Alaina standing in the kitchen, lounging on a couch in the living room, balancing on the railing of a front porch and laying in bed looking at a photo album while shedding a single tear.

Both singers are expected to release their debut albums in the fall.

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