Nicki Minaj Dishes On 'Ice Age: Continental Drift' Role

'I went in and I had a blast. I did it as two different voices,' Minaj says of her role in the fourth 'Ice Age' movie.

[artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] is ready to get even more animated than she does in her videos and her colorful stage show. The singer confirmed that she's ready for her cartoon close-up in the latest "Ice Age" flick, "Ice Age: Continental Drift," in which she's set to play one of the many kooky characters alongside folks like Wanda Sykes, Jeremy Renner, Aziz Ansari, Heather Morris and even her pal and fellow MC Drake.

When MTV News caught up with Minaj backstage at the Femme Fatale Tour stop in New Jersey, she opened up about how she ended up in the A-list flick, the fourth in the hit franchise.

"I don't know how much I can talk about that, but I came about that when my agency sent me out on an audition for some people who wanted to hear me," she recalled. "They knew I liked animation, they knew I liked to do voices, and so they said they were doing that so I thought, 'This is amazing.' "

However, getting a part in the film wasn't all that easy for the superstar. "The original role that I was up for I didn't get," she explained. "So I said, 'Oh, OK, whatever.' I was really mad, and the next thing you know, they called me and they said, 'We wrote in a part just for you 'cause we really want you to be a part of this movie.' "

Although she wouldn't divulge which role she plays in the film, Minaj did say that she really put a lot of work into the part, leaving the final voice selection up to the film's producers. "And I just was screaming and so excited, and I went in and I had a blast. I did it as two different voices," she said. "We'll see what happens."

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