'Twilight' Stars 'Get Excited' About Cooking Together

'We're like, 'Let's just buy everything!' ' Ashley Greene says about grocery shopping with Kellan Lutz during 'Breaking Dawn' filming.

The "Twilight" cast might be famous for their acting talents, but their secret power is definitely in their culinary abilities.

Ever since Kristen Stewart dished on the BBQ extravaganza she cooked for her co-stars, it's been a bit of an MTV tradition to ask the cast of the five "Twilight Saga" flicks for any food updates in their lives. Ashley Greene opened up to Teen Vogue back in January about how her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas had inspired the foodie inside of her, so when MTV News caught up with the actress at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, we couldn't resist asking if she is still happily cooking away.

Greene said that she and her costar and offscreen BFF Kellan Lutz became a bit too food-happy once they found out there was a Whole Foods right around the corner from where they were staying while filming "Breaking Dawn." Apparently the duo helped keep the grocery store in business by spending a lot of money during their time there.

"Me and Kellan get excited sometimes, and we're like, 'Let's just buy everything! We're going to cook every night.' Not like we're going to be at work, you know what I mean?" Greene said with a laugh.

She said the two of them made a lot of fish dishes, though she typically sticks to chicken. But Greene was most excited by the times they experimented with new recipes.

"I made my own homemade mojito one time, which was pretty interesting and awesome," Greene admitted. "We made pumpkin soup, which I had never made before. We just got recipes and kind of mixed it up."

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