Game Loyal To Jailed Manager Jimmy Henchman

'I wish him the best and I'm out here holding it down,' Game says of Henchman's recent arrest on drug-trafficking charges.

[artist id="1340778"]Game[/artist] doesn't turn his back on his friends. The Compton rapper's manager, James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, made headlines in June after he was arrested in New York and charged with heading a cocaine-trafficking ring. But Game told Sway during Wednesday's "RapFix Live" that he is still loyal.

"I talked to Jimmy, he was in good spirits," Game said of Henchman, who is currently locked up but has not been convicted of anything. "Well, the best spirits anybody could be in that position. I was actually surprised to hear him laugh and just be cool about it."

Henchman is part of Game's management team and helped the rapper get his start early on. For that support, the rapper is grateful and reserving judgment. "Until that situation unfolds, you never know what it is," he said. "I wish him the best and I'm out here holding it down. My loyalty lies with my band of brothers, which you're one of, and I'll never fake, never front, never turn on my friends."

The West Coast MC wouldn't go any further into detail, choosing to stay tight-lipped about his friend's legal drama. "It ain't for me to talk about, that's his situation and I'm just championing him and supporting him the best that I can."

When asked if Jimmy's incarceration would affect the release of Game's upcoming The R.E.D. Album, the rapper was confident that he would be fine, noting that Henchman was just one part of his management team and that the other members were equally effective. "With my team, with my management, every man is boss and we're all strong," Game said confidently. "If I quit rappin' today, my management team is fundamentally sound enough where they're gonna still be able to manage and market artists and still be able to put food on their table."