Anne Hathaway's Catwoman: Experts Weigh In

'Dark Knight Rises' photo has comics and movie insiders cautiously optimistic.

Nothing sets the Internet ablaze like new info about Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" — especially when the latest sneak peek is a photo of Anne Hathaway in costume as Catwoman riding a fancy motorcycle.

MTV News consulted a few experts to gauge reactions to what looks to be Hathaway's Catwoman costume, as well as what we might expect from the actress' overall portrayal of Selina Kyle.

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"Listen, is this the costume that artist Darwyn Cooke revamped for his 'Catwoman' run? The one that marked her shift from slinky, skintight femme fatale to flawed-but-furious thief and defender of the downtrodden? No," said Marc Bernardin, a writer for Syfy's "Alphas" and DC Comics' "The Authority." "But it's shiny, black, seemingly functional, and has at least one zipper. Which makes it OK in my book — hey, I like zippers."

UGO movies editor Jordan Hoffman pointed out the fact that Kyle/Catwoman's suit is lacking a familiar feline element. "Clearly the suit's tail is detachable for when she's rollin' in the Bat-cycle," he said of the outfit's lack of a tail. "I mean, otherwise it's a real danger!"

With regard to how Hathaway will pull off the storied complexities of Kyle's character in the comics — depending, of course, on which direction Nolan's Catwoman may take — our experts are cautiously optimistic.

"I think I had the same feeling as everyone else when Anne Hathaway was cast. She looks too sweet to play Selina," said Jenna Busch, writer for AOL's Moviefone. "She looks too, well, totally sane. She doesn't exactly ooze sexuality. But I'm willing to buy it after seeing the photo," she admitted. "Now, there is no kitty-cat hat, and fans will probably flip if she spends the entire film as Selina, but she does look pretty darn badass. I'm in. And hey, at least she's not wearing that god-awful Halle Berry outfit!"

"Anne Hathaway was never my first choice — I was rooting for [Marion] Cotillard before she got the Talia role — but Nolan has earned enough good will for me to trust him," Hoffman said. "She certainly isn't hard on the eyes, and so long as Selina Kyle is crafty and that Catwoman eventually has a tail, I'll be happy."

"It's hard to say, just by a single image, if Anne Hathaway's gonna sell Selina Kyle's sultry strength," Bernardin added. "But if this Catwoman-in-the-making just stole Batman's ride ... she's gonna be formidable, to say the least."

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