Sean Kingston Promises 'Straight Heat' On Next Album

Recovering singer says during 'MTV First: Sean Kingston' he hopes to release new music by year's end.

After recalling the incidents of his "life-or-death" accident during "MTV First: Sean Kingston," the singer opened up about his plans to get back to work and release new music by year's end.

"[I'm] focused on music again, about to start working on a new album and get back out there again," he said during the chat at his house in Miami. "I'm excited about the project. It's going to be really dope."

Given the intensity of his accident and the recovery process, Kingston has a whole new perspective on songwriting. "I haven't lost no memory; I think I'm even better at writing and stuff," he said. "Being in the hospital, having all this time off, I've been writing and coming up with different ideas. I'm ready to go."

Kingston is best known for his reggae-infused pop tracks like "Beautiful Girls" and "Take You There," and his still-in-the-works new album will certainly touch on the sound that catapulted him to stardom. "I'm going back in with my producer J.R. [Rotem], who did really big records for me. I'm going back to the whole reggae, island-pop thing. I'm going back to my roots," he said.

"I think it's definitely going to open up a lot of people, because now I got a story to tell," he later said. "The world needs to know what I'm coming with, 'cause I'm coming with straight heat. I've been down. I've been in the house coming up with ideas. My producer J.R., he's a hitmaker. It's gonna be my third album, I'm older now. It's gonna be crazy."

While in the hospital, Kingston had his jaw wired shut for a time. It was a situation Kanye West once found himself in that sparked his first hit "Through the Wire." Kingston certainly wouldn't rule out writing a song about his recovery — or working with 'Ye, for that matter.

"Oh man, he's in my top five rappers," he said. "I met him twice, and he's a great person. He's definitely talented. I'm actually waiting for him and the Jay-Z album Watch the Throne to drop. I'd be more than excited to collaborate with him."

Kingston — the Jamaican-American singer who broke onto the scene with the "Stand by Me"-sampling song "Beautiful Girls" and scored another hit with the Justin Bieber collabo "Eenie Meenie" last year — was rushed to the hospital May 29 after a jet-ski crash. He explained to Sway that he was going about 35 miles an hour when he miscalculated how high the tide had risen and collided with a bridge.

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