Drake Inspires Glasses Malone To Carve His Own 'Niche'

'I wish I could sing sometimes, but I can't,' Cash Money rapper says.

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Life must be good on Cash Money Records. Just ask California rapper Glasses Malone who is set to drop his debut album, Beach Cruiser, on the Birdman-helmed label in August. The label's roster boasts Baby himself, Lil Wayne and Bow Wow, and then there's label subsidiary Young Money, which houses Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga.

"Hell, yeah, it's competitive," Glasses said when asked about the amount of talent on the two labels. "Let's face it, Drake is probably one of the most, if not the most talented artist right now. This dude can be into a nice verse and kick some singin' sh--, after being into a nice verse. Not an all right verse, he'll be into a nice verse and then start singin' and hold a great pitch. And then you look at Nicki Minaj, it's success stories."

G. Malone is such a fan of Drizzy's crooning that he sometimes wishes that he himself could hold a tune, but by the same token, he is aware of his own fanbase, which looks to him for harder, street-bred material.

"I wish I could sing sometimes, but I can't, so what I try to do is keep carving my niche at this gangsta sh--," he told Mixtape Daily. "I figure, I can't top Drake doin' what he's doin'. Drake is that n---a, he got it together. Wayne is that n---a, but I could make them n---as like, 'Man that n---a G's sh-- hard.' And once you do that, you win."

For Glasses, Cash Money and Young Money's talented roster ultimately fuels his drive. "I use their situation as inspiration to know that the sky's the limit," he said.

One of the perks to having such high-profile labelmates is the potential for good features. But on Beach Cruiser, Malone refused to force the issue. He has already recorded with Birdman and Wayne for his album and a number of other Cash Money artists on various side projects. When it comes to Drake, however, Glasses would rather wait until the time and the vibe is right.

"Me and Drake, we talked a couple of times. We barely finna do somethin' now. I just couldn't figure out a song for Drake. I don't talk about girls," the Watts rapper said about his and Drizzy's respective styles. "My songs wouldn't be the right songs. He really appreciates women. I have to find the right niche."

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