'Change-Up' Stars Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds Ponder Career Swaps

'I would like to be Robert Redford,' Olivia Wilde says at movie's Hollywood premiere.

HOLLYWOOD — The stars stepped out in fine form on Monday night to support Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman's R-rated body-swap comedy, "The Change-Up." Reynolds and Bateman were joined on the red carpet by their lovely lady co-stars Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann, along with surprise guest, Reynolds' pal Sandra Bullock.

In the spirit of the life-swapping element in the film, MTV News asked the attendees what other actor they'd like to swap careers, if not bodies, with, if given the opportunity.

"I would like to be Robert Redford," Wilde said. "I think being Robert Redford would be really nice. And also directing as well as acting, and doing Westerns as well as all sorts of movies, then living a really good life, starting a film festival. I would take Robert Redford. I wouldn't miss a day of my Robert Redford life."

Mann settled on Oscar winner and Hollywood legend Shirley Maclaine.

"That's a good one, right?" she said, adding that Maclaine's film classics "The Apartment" and "Terms of Endearment" are two of her favorite movies of all time.

"I think Jeremy Renner has got a nice thing going right now," Bateman said of "The Avengers" and "Hurt Locker" actor.

"Joaquin Phoenix is working with Paul Thomas Anderson then Spike Jonze, not too shabby," he added, seemingly torn between the two. "Ryan, top that."

"Wow. You just nailed it, man," Reynolds admitted. "I'd take Quentin Tarantino, that guy makes some fantastic films."

"That's a good one," Bateman said. "Can I change mine?"

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