'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes' Stars Give Apes Top Billing

Tom Felton, James Franco and other castmembers say come for the apes, stay for the story ... or just the apes.

HOLLYWOOD — There is enough intrigue, presumed destruction and primate shenanigans in the trailers for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" to entice more than just the fans of the 1968 original into theaters when the film opens next week. But when MTV News caught up with the principal castmembers at the Hollywood premiere on Thursday, we asked them to sell us on a few more of the film's must-see elements, aside from their furry co-stars. Basically, if people come to see the apes, what will make them stay?

"Wow, James [Franco], Freida [Pinto], Andy [Serkis], everyone else," Tom Felton said, speaking to his co-stars' appeal. "There is a mixture of CGI and special effects that we've never seen onscreen before, along with a strong story and a strong message: Humans can't play God too much. We should not overstep our boundaries when it comes to manipulating Mother Nature."

Pinto countered that it's all about the apes. "I think this is one of few films that really give them a voice as well," she said. "Of course, 'Planet of the Apes' did as well, but 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' gives them a voice in a very revolutionary way."

One of the prominent primate voices heard is that of Caesar, played by seasoned motion-capture performer Andy Serkis, who, according to Franco, is the main reason why the film is any good.

"The apes, I think Andy Serkis and WETA should get top billing," Franco said. "They stole the show; they're incredible."

Actor John Lithgow, who plays the father of Franco's character, was the only one who thought folks will start out loving the apes and leave loving the humans.

"They [will] stay for the people, and the extent to which the apes become people," he said. "It's a story, it's a great story, that's why they stay."

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