Nervo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Talk Tomorrowland Anthem

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike's festival anthem with Afrojack and Nervo charts on Beatport.

BOOM, Belgium — While the sun may have set on the 7th annual Tomorrowland Festival, it appears the three-day Belgian dance music event's anthem will keep on keeping on. MTV News was on hand to observe that many of the 469 DJs that performed across TL's 14 stages had their favorite "go to" tracks, and clearly, "The Way We See the World" was one of them.

For producer brothers Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, sharing headlining duties with Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, David Guetta and 2manydj's was particularly gratifying: They got to play for their countrymen and a few special folks in the audience Saturday night.

"Tomorrowland is for us the most important festival in the world," Dimitri professed to MTV News before their set. "This area, where the festival is, is a place where we actually played as children."

Like Mike explained: "We grew up here. My mother was born in this town. We used to play here as little kids, so it's a trip to DJ here."

Dimitri added, "Our friends are here, and our parents, our parents-in-law, and, of course, our girlfriends and our grandparents, who are actually 76, and the oldest people at this festival."

For the second year in a row, TL's promoters, ID&T, kept it local, leaning on the Belgian producing/touring pair for the fest's anthem. The duo, in turn, enlisted powerhouse collaborators to cook up a follow-up to "Tomorrow (Give into the Night)," their 2010 TL anthem with Dada Life featuring vocals by Tara McDonald.

"This year, we did it with Afrojack and the Nervo twins," Dimitri said. "We met Afrojack in Miami, so we started talking, and we thought he was the right guy, and he was really down to do it too. We did a really good demo, and Nervo made an amazing vocal to it."

"We did send them a vocal," said Liv Nervo, who with twin sister Mim, is currently opening for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale Tour. "And in the end, the track ended up morphing into something completely different. It was a great experience. Oh, they are so amazing."

Having Afrojack — Guetta's hit-making protégé and producer of Pitbull's extremely popular "Give Me Everything" — and the twin scribes behind Guetta and Kelly Rowland's "When Love Takes Over" proved to be a perfect combination. "The Way We See the World," which features the demo vocals by Liv and Mim Nervo, was made available for purchase just before TL opened its doors. And now, almost a week after the festival, the song maintains a healthy high perch on the charts at #12.

While fans can often catch Afrojack and Nervo on tour in the U.S., fans of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike (who currently have songs in the hands of and Pitbull for vocals), will be tickled to hear they too will head west soon.

"Around Halloween, we are gonna have a three-week tour," Dimitri said. "Halloween weekend, we are gonna be in Miami at Mansion, we are doing a really big Insomniac festival in Los Angeles, we are gonna be in New York, so it's gonna be a three-week intensive tour."