'Breaking Dawn' Sex Scene Was 'Kind Of Fun' For Bill Condon

'They are so comfortable with each other,' director says of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

"Twilight" fans gearing up for the franchise's last two films already have the cast and crew's word that the much-discussed wedding and birth scenes will be everything they've imagined since reading Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn." But what about porting the book's passionate sex scene from page to screen?

When MTV News caught up with director Bill Condon at Comic-Con, he was happy to report that shooting

content" id="1667715">Bella and Edward's honeymoon in Brazil was a breeze. "It was kind of fun!" he told us. Apparently Stewart and Pattinson's electric onscreen chemistry was enough to diffuse any and all off-screen awkwardness among cast and crew.

"They are so comfortable with each other," Condon said. "They made the whole thing ... it was kind of fun. Those things are always a little strange. They get to be weirdly technical at certain points."

Stewart and Pattinson's realistic closeness comes as no surprise, given that rumors about their real-life relationship have been circulating since the initial "Twilight" film hit theaters in 2008.

"They managed to put all that aside and turn it into something. That's a very real moment," he noted.

For his part, Pattinson told fans at Comic-Con that there were some not-so-romantic moments during the shoot in Brazil.

"Brazil was amazing," Pattinson said. "It was really amazing the day we got there, and really beautiful and warm and everything you'd expect. Then it suddenly, for the remainder of the shoot, was not only raining but like hurricane storms. ... It was kind of like having a honeymoon in England. We were playing board games instead of, like, making love on the beach."

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