'Breaking Dawn' Star 'Like A Zombie' On Last Day Of Shooting

'She's gone; you're not putting these clothes back on,' Julia Jones recalls to MTV News of saying goodbye to her character, Leah.

After filming "Eclipse" and the two-part

"Breaking Dawn," Julia Jones can call herself a "Twilight Saga" veteran. But that doesn't mean she found going to Comic-Con for the first time any less intimidating.

MTV News caught up with Jones in San Diego after the "Breaking Dawn" cast's packed Hall H panel. Unfortunately, her castmates hadn't given her much of a heads-up about the insanity of Comic-Con.

"We've been in front of a lot of people before but this is a new experience for me, Comic-Con," Jones said.

While her fellow castmembers had helped her prepare for the experience of doing fan events for "Eclipse," Jones said this time they figured she would get the hang of things. "Now I think they just don't pay attention: 'She's been here long enough, she'll figure it out.' "

In "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," Jones and the rest of the wolf pack are featured much more than they have been in previous installments, which gave the actress some room to expand on her character, Leah Clearwater. While Leah is characterized by her anger at Bella (Kristen Stewart) and the Cullens in "Eclipse," in "Breaking Dawn," fans will see that her rage has been tempered because a good portion of the story is told from werewolf Jacob Black's (Taylor Lautner) perspective.

"I was thrilled when I read [the script] because she really has the opportunity to kind of grow and she's not so angry anymore," Jones explained. "I felt relieved for her when I read that, oh, my gosh, she can actually express these things she hasn't expressed and go somewhere with it."

As for the last day of shooting the "Twilight" series, Jones admitted that she may have shed a few tears in her trailer when director Bill Condon shouted "Cut!" for the last time. The long shoot made it seem as if filming would never end, she explained, and that made saying goodbye that much harder.

"For me, personally, the last day, right when we wrapped, I didn't believe it. I hadn't even thought that that was possible. I just stood there like a zombie. People started hugging, like, 'You're wrapped, you're wrapped!' Like, 'Go, what are you doing? We need to move on,' " Jones said with a laugh. "I actually went back to my trailer and I was fine, I was a little in a daze. And I realized as I was taking my costume off that this is it. She's gone; you're not putting these clothes back on. And that was kind of a big thing for me."

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