Rebecca Black's 'My Moment' Video: Frame By Frame

'Friday' star takes MTV News behind the scenes of the new clip for her inspirational single.

In Rebecca Black's new video for her single, "My Moment," the viral star gives fans a taste of what life has been like since her rise to fame.

In the video, Black takes fans behind the scenes, and when MTV News sat down with her, she took us behind the scenes of the clip itself, frame by frame.

The video opens with Rebecca in the recording studio, where she's putting the final touches on the inspiring song. "So it was really hard to shoot the first line 'cause I was supposed to be really serious and I'm not a serious person," she admitted. "Having to be kind of sullen was hard. I kept smiling 'cause I'm a natural smiler, if you haven't noticed."

The studio used in the video was especially important to the young star since it turns out one of pop's greatest idols once recorded there. "It was great to be in that studio 'cause that was where Michael Jackson recorded 'We Are the World.' "

Fans who've seen the video know it's a mix of celebrity moments and teen moments. Black explained, "I still like all the school footage that we put in," pointing to a montage of her friends. "It was me having fun with my family and friends."

Black also danced a little in the video, thanks to some help from a few recognizable faces. "It was really amazing doing the dancing; a lot of the dancers were from 'So You Think You Can Dance,' " she said of Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd from the hit Fox show. "And I watch that show [so] I was intimidated at first. It was great to be around people that like what you like."

The video concludes with Black making her way to a red-carpet affair, where her name lights up the marquee. "When I was in front of all the flashing lights, it was crazy commotion," she said, adding that she hopes her fans see that while red carpets are a part of the job, it's definitely fun too. "These celebrities get lost in the whole world of fame, [and the video is to] show people how I stay grounded myself."

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