'Cowboys & Aliens' Nude Scene 'Crazy,' Olivia Wilde Says

Co-star Daniel Craig had to 'look me up and down,' actress explains.

Olivia Wilde might have been covered in dust and dirt while shooting "Cowboys & Aliens," but that didn't make shooting a mostly nude scene in front of her co-star Daniel Craig any less awkward.

"It was kind of strange because I was half-naked in front of a bunch of people, including the crew, a bunch of Apache warriors, a bunch of cowboys, and Daniel Craig, who I had to stand in front of basically naked," Wilde explained to MTV News. "He had to take a moment to sort of look me up and down before covering me in a blanket. And I was like, this is crazy."

It didn't help that after the long night of shooting, Wilde and the rest of the "Cowboys & Aliens" cast had to take an overnight flight to San Diego Comic-Con to make their Hall H presentation. So if fans remember her being a little frazzled, it probably has something to do with the fact Wilde had no sleep after filming a scene in which she was partially nude for the majority of it.

As fans will find out come Friday's release of "Cowboys & Aliens," the scene Wilde is talking about — which has been teased in the film's many trailers — happens at the climax. She said filming the sequence was an "honor" because it is such an important moment in the movie.

"It was really exciting because we knew we were creating something kind of spectacular in that scene," Wilde said. "It was a really cool effect happening, as people will see."

The actress said she didn't wear much make-up and required little hairstyling while filming because the style of the flick was "very bare." She said it was a very dirty shoot, and not just because she was almost naked.

"We were literally dirty because we were riding all day long out in the desert, and you get very dirty. But the dirtier everybody looked, the hotter they looked. It was a really good look, I think," she said.

"The people in the Old West were very dirty. The thing that's unrealistic about our movie is all our teeth: We have good teeth; they didn't have good teeth. So, logic police will call BS on that."

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