Nicki Minaj Is A 'Great Artist,' Britney Spears Says

'I think she has a distinct sound when she raps,' Spears says of Femme Fatale Tour opening act.

When the news that Britney Spears was taking MC Nicki Minaj on the road with her hit, fans — and Brit herself — couldn't have been more excited. The Femme Fatale Tour is now in full swing, with both women bringing their A-game to each performance. And along the way, it seems as if these two have sparked a friendship.

"I think she's great," Spears told MTV News of Minaj. "She's a great artist in every way and I'm really happy for her."

Minaj, who is nominated for three Video Music Awards, brings her own flair to the girl-power tour, adding her eccentric style, her fiery wigs and, of course, her signature beats.

"I think she has a distinct sound when she raps," Spears said. "It really stands out and sets her apart from everyone else. I'm happy she's able to be on tour with me because that's just amazing."

Last month, we caught up with Minaj just before she hit the road with the pop veteran, and she was ready to take that distinct sound to a whole new fanbase.

"I'm just trying to put more theater on that stage. So much to me is music, but it's also about putting on a show, so that's my goal: to truly put on a show and incorporate theater and dance," Minaj said.

And if you're lucky, you might just catch Spears and Minaj teaming up for a special performance of the remix for "Till the World Ends."

"At the end of the show, the last song she comes on every once in awhile," Spears said of Minaj joining her onstage. "Not every show, but it's usually special when she does it."

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