'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene Will Be 'Visceral Experience' For Fans

'I gave myself one real rule, which was, 'Let's only see what Bella could see lying there,' director Bill Condon tells MTV News.

For the dedicated "Twilight" fans out there, every bit of news about the impending release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" is cause for celebration. For the more discerning fans that have read (and re-read) the book upon which the films are based, however, there are four key scenes considered among the most anticipated: Bella and Edward's wedding, the couple's honeymoon, Jacob's imprinting and the birth of Renesmee Cullen.

When MTV News caught up with director Bill Condon at this year's Comic-Con, we asked him, specifically, how he tackled the complicated sequence that some have described as "Rosemary's Baby"-esque.

"I gave myself one real rule, which was, 'Let's only see what Bella could see lying there,' " he explained. "All this stuff is happening [around her] and she is seeing it from her point of view. She can look around, she can look up, but basically you get to experience every moment of that birth, including if you read the book — you know exactly what that image means. If you haven't read the book, you might not know because it's not being absolutely explicit."

Nevertheless, Condon promised that fans will be satisfied by how they approached the birth scene. "It's not putting the camera in every place but believe me, I think you'll get a very visceral experience."

During the "Breaking Dawn" press conference at Comic-Con, Kristen Stewart also commented on the much-discussed scene. She explained that although that part is one of her favorites in the book, things got a little awkward on set since the baby used in the movie was animatronic and bore a strong resemblance to Chuckie from the horror flick "Child's Play."

"[The puppeteer] is sweating right below my eye line, trying to [reach] up to get the [animatronic baby's] hand up to touch your face," Stewart recalled. "And then it sticks to your hair and pulls a little bit and you're like, 'Ew, get that thing off me! Get me a real baby, this is ridiculous!' " she said. "And it had hair!"

"If you've ever seen a baby with a wig on," Robert Pattinson added. "[It] looked like a little troll on a stick."

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