'Breaking Dawn' Cast Was 'Crying A Lot' Filming Finale

'Twilight' actresses Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser joke that Robert Pattinson is 'probably a mess.'

After five years and four films together, it's natural to assume the cast of the hugely popular "Twilight" franchise became emotional when they finished filming both halves of the "Breaking Dawn" finale. According to the cast, they needed plenty of tissues.

"We were crying a lot," Nikki Reed said during MTV News' Comic-Con 2011 "Takeover" live stream event.

Co-star Elizabeth Reaser agreed: "The last day of filming definitely was emotional because Peter Facinelli and I wrapped at the exact same moment. ... It was Facinelli, Ashley [Greene], Kellan [Lutz], Jackson [Rathbone] and myself, and we were up in Squamish [British Colombia] just doing stunts and night shoots, and then they finally wrapped Peter and I," she recalled. "We were just completely shocked and hugging, and then we went out and we had a little meal together.

"It was surreal," Reaser continued. "It was nice that I got to finish with Peter, since he's my show husband — forever."

So, who was the most emotional castmember? "Rob [Pattinson]'s probably a mess after ending this," Reed said with a smile.

"Rob cried a lot, actually," Reaser added.

"He shaved his head over it," Reed joked, making light of Pattinson's curious new coiffure. "He was crying so hard he had to cut all of his hair. ... A therapist should be called," she teased.

Getting away from the crying and emoting for a moment, we asked Reed and Reaser what scenes they're most looking forward to seeing in the finished films.

"There's actually some freaky, weird scenes that I want to see,"

Reaser said. "I want to see the freaky birth," she revealed, "and there's all kinds of weird, crazy, strange, scary, beautiful stuff in this movie."

Reed said she wants to see "all of it." "I want a freaky, weird wedding," she added, before getting serious about her character's emotional evolution in the final two films: "I was really nervous about the relationship between Rosalie and Bella. This was a very specific dynamic, and I wanted to make sure that it felt like the transition happened naturally and organically," she explained. "I'm nervous about seeing all of it. I'm a nervous wreck about all of these movies."

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