'Amazing Spider-Man' Andrew Garfield Feels 'Great Deal' Of Pressure

'Marc Webb has a forensic emotional eye,' co-star Rhys Ifans says about film's director.

Any actor who takes on a role in a big-screen adaptation of a beloved comic book knows that he or she has a lot to live up to with regard to fan expectations. For Andrew Garfield, that pressure for "The Amazing Spider-Man" is doubly intense, for not only does he have to contend with that character's lengthy history in the comics, but with Tobey Maguire's well-received performance in the three Sam Raimi-directed "Spider-Man" movies as well.

Garfield recently told MTV News he feels the pressure. "I feel a great deal of weight. I can't speak for [my co-stars] but I feel like we all know how important it is to so many people," he explained. "It's equally as important to us, so I think it's impossible to not feel a certain amount of weight. But to kind of juxtapose that, I think we all feel incredibly excited because we worked really hard to make [director] Marc Webb's vision and Stan Lee's original vision, and the essence of that character come to life again for an audience in a different way," he said.

With regard to what separates "The Amazing Spider-Man" from Maguire and Raimi's work, Garfield's co-star Rhys Ifans said Webb's vision for the film is different.

"I think the films that have come before have been great, but what makes this one different is that Marc Webb has a forensic emotional eye," he explained. "So for all the flights and fancies that a superhero film delivers, inevitably there is a human domesticity to this that hopefully will make people leave the cinema loving their parents."

In addition to feeling the love for blood relations, Garfield said it's always great to watch a little guy take on the bigger guys. "I'm skinny, if you haven't noticed," he said with a smile. "I love the idea of a skinny guy beating the crap out of big guys, just as pure personal fantasy fulfillment for myself. I think a lot of other skinny guys and skinny girls like me are going to hopefully watch a skinny guy in a red and blue suit beating the crap out of big guys and really enjoy that."

One aspect of filming he did not enjoy, however, was his personal trainer's intensity. While Garfield appreciated the increased muscle tone, he didn't love the process. "My personal trainer, Armando, who I hate more than anyone in the universe: If you're watching, Armando, I hate you," he joked to our camera.

Now that we know Garfield won't be taking up professional weight lifting anytime soon, we asked if he was able to accept another equally intense aspect of becoming Spider-Man: wearing the suit.

Garfield admitted there was only one moment throughout the entire filming process in which he felt fully comfortable in it.

"I was in a changing room on my own, and I could be honest with myself," he said of the first time he zipped into the red and blue costume. "I was really moved by it because no one else was around. It was genuinely very emotional, and it felt surreal," he revealed. "That was the only moment where it felt like I was Spider-Man. Throughout the shoot, throughout filming, I never felt like it. I felt like I was trying to live up to the symbol of Spider-Man. That was the moment where I got a glimpse: 'Oh boy, I'm wearing this.' "

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