'Breaking Dawn' Stars Bond Over Game Nights, Grocery Shopping

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz laugh to MTV News about spending way too much time at Whole Foods during 'Twilight' downtime.

Although the "Twilight" cast has wrapped filming on the franchise's two-part final chapter, "Breaking Dawn," their work together is far from over, considering the very last film won't open in theaters until November 2012 and the young actors have plenty of promotional commitments to fulfill until then.

But having spent so much time together, we wondered whether the castmembers ever get sick of one another. When MTV News caught up with Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, we put that question to them. We also asked the two stars if they had thought about how they'll feel when it's time to say goodbye to the series.

"We're never sick of each other," Lutz said. "You do a project for seven months of your life, and you're really just anxious to get home. I was really excited to see my dogs, [sleep] in my own bed. And then ... we're here at Comic-Con; we're going to be here next year. We have a lot of press and a lot of opportunities to hang out with the fans, and that's what I really look forward to," he admitted.

"Playing my role of Emmett — I love doing these movies — but by no way are we saying goodbye. We have a good couple years ahead of us and, you know, it's just great to work with best friends for so many movies," Lutz continued. "We see a lot of each other and we're all blessed to be working outside of 'Twilight,' but it's nice to all come together again."

Discussing how the best friends spend their downtime during filming, Lutz and Greene revealed that they geek out with board games and grocery shopping.

" 'DanceDance Revolution,' Lutz said. "Hasbro sent a lot of games to Ashley and I, so we have a lot of game nights, which is fun; cook, [watch] movies."

"Grocery shopping at Whole Foods," Greene added of another production activity.

"Which is terrible because I spend hundreds of dollars there by the time [we finish]," Lutz admitted.

"You don't understand," Greene laughed, "They knew us by name there and it was the fun thing [to do], like, 'Wanna go grocery shopping?' Because then we could cook," she explained. "Super, super cool."

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