Ninjasonik Ditch The Swords And Masks On Latest Mixtape

'No Swords or Masks is our strongest body of work,' Telli tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artist: Ninjasonik

Representing: New York

Mixtape: No Swords or Masks

Real Spit: Combining influences from punk, electro and hip-hop, Ninjasonik bring together a multitude of sounds on their latest mixtape, No Swords or Masks, out July 27.

The group, led by rappers Telli and Ben "The Bartman" Robey, exemplify their eclectic sound on the tape's lead single, "Mosh Pit." Sparse rhymes are chanted over the Partysquad-produced, riot-inducing cut while the song's electric hook ("Jump in a mosh pit, break your neck") is sure to get crowds riled up. The tape's other selections are just as kinetic, especially the sped-up "In and Out."

"We come from a mixed-genre place, and one of our places is the electronic world, where we go 100-something [beats per minute] and better," Bartman said of the group's penchant for riding super-fast beats. "140 bpm over songs and we just rap at accelerated rates, and this is one of the records that we use to showcase that ability."

"No Swords or Masks is our strongest body of work, consisting of original songs that express every aspect of what Ninjasonik represents," Telli said in a press release issued to Mixtape Daily. "We tapped into so many genres of music, really giving a fresh perspective on hip-hop."

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"In and Out" - "It's to really let people know that we're here and

we aren't going nowhere. Really we get to display our lyrical aggression and talent and how we ride the beat," Bartman said.

"Billion Quid" - " 'Billion Quid' is just talking about being

yourself and feeling good, feeling rich. Quid is a lot of money. I ain't talking U.S. dollars," Telli said.

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