'Amazing Spider-Man' Star Andrew Garfield Says Peter Parker 'Is Everybody'

Garfield and Emma Stone discuss their take on the flick's iconic characters at Comic-Con.

When "The Amazing Spider-Man" took Comic-Con by storm over the weekend, much of the buzz was about the movie's trailer and our first glimpses of Spidey in action and villain-to-be Curt Connors. But when MTV News sat down with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, we got a little more touchy-feely and asked for more insight into how they decided to approach their much-beloved characters.

"I've always loved this character, and I've always loved the base essence of this character," he told us on Saturday. "And I feel like this character is everybody. It doesn't belong to me; it doesn't belong to you; it doesn't belong to him, her or he or she."

Garfield said that the nerdy-in-real-life/kick-butt-in-spandex hero has given him "so much reassurance over the years," that the character has incredible importance for him. "There's so many elements that I care about. One of the elements that I was interested in was doing something with his physicality," he continued. "I wanted to be as if the venom from the spider bite was doing something specific to his DNA."

While Spider-man goes through some crazy changes, Peter was easy for Garfield to figure out. "He's everyone. He goes through the same struggles that all teenage boys go through," he said. "It's impossible to not relate to."

Though she's aware Gwen Stacy's history on the page, Stone said a lot of her approach to the character was "instinctual" and based on her reaction to Garfield's Peter.

"I think, from the beginning, the attraction between Gwen and Peter is pretty apparent, and that just kind of intensifies throughout the course of the movie," she said. "Gwen really relates to the story through Peter. And I don't want to give too much away with that, but she's ... sweet."

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