'Breaking Dawn' Stars Say Final Two Films Will Be 'More Grand'

'It's a lot darker and there's a lot more adult things that are handled and dealt with,' Ashley Greene tells us at Comic-Con.

The final two "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" movies are filmed and wrapped, but the hype for the flicks is only going to get bigger now that the first two full scenes have been shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

It seems fair to say that the film series will continue to get bigger as "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" and "Part 2" hit theaters over the next year and a half. Appropriately, these last two movies were the biggest shoot of the entire series as well. They were filmed back-to-back over the course of seven months and incorporated a much larger cast than the previous movies.

"With each installment, everything kind of got bigger and more grand," Ashley Greene told MTV News during our "Breaking Dawn" live stream. "The stakes definitely got higher with each installment as well."

The content of the movies matured as its stars did. "Breaking Dawn" deals with everything from marriage and pregnancy to Bella making the decision to become a vampire, and the franchise's stars were ready to delve into the more adult material.

"I'd been waiting to shoot 'Breaking Dawn'," Kellan Lutz said of his anticipation for last year's shoot. "It gets juicy."

Greene agreed, saying, "I think with 'Breaking Dawn,' it's a lot darker and there's a lot more adult things that are handled and dealt with. I think it was a lot different than all the other ones."

"Part 2" includes a brand-new cast of vampires that will be joining the Cullens in their rebellion against the Volturi, and Lutz said he felt that having so many new faces improved the filmmaking experience.

"We have a way larger cast, so it was really great to work with so many more talented actors and just bring new friends into the franchise," he said. "It's great to have more people to hang out with. It's definitely a bigger movie, a way larger production."

It certainly helped bolster the excitement for the huge action set pieces that they have to look forward to in the second movie. "We shot some really epic scenes that took multiple days," Lutz teased. "I'm really excited to see it."

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