Robert Pattinson’s ‘Bel Ami’ Trailer Hits Internet

Steamy preview features co-stars Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Robert Pattinson is breaking hearts and scaling the Parisian social
ladder in the first “Bel Ami” trailer, which hit the Internet on Saturday.

Fans have long been anticipated the sex-filled period drama, and the
trailer delivers on that promise. Pattinson’s character, George Duroy,
is a journalist who rises to power by sleeping with the wives of the
rich and influential. Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott
Thomas all make appearances in the trailer as the ladies he seduces.

“Bel Ami” does not look like it bodes well for Pattinson’s character, based on his screaming and shoving of women. Still, the fact that Duroy is “a totally amoral character” is a major element in the movie’s plot. Stylistically, Pattinson’s look in the movie hearkens to his Salvador Dali film
“Little Ashes,” so fans looking for an Edward Cullen coif will be disappointed.

There is a lot of hooking up in the trailer. After some sly seductive
moves — a slow finger trailed down Ricci’s neck, a sexual
glance across a room at Thomas — he finally starts reeling in
the ladies. Pattinson and Thurman have the most passionate make-out
session in the trailer, but fans will have to wait until the movie
hits theaters in 2012 to find out which sex scene is the steamiest.

When MTV chatted with Pattinson about “Bel Ami” in June, he teased that he would be naked a lot
in the flick. “I think there’s a lot of my crack in it; I think there’s quite a bit of nudity,” he said. “It was such a strange story. I think it will turn out to be very interesting, but I have no idea about any of it yet.”

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