'Amazing Spider-Man' Star Shows Nerd Cred At Comic-Con

Andrew Garfield describes 'surreal' moment: 'I felt like I was Spider-Man,' he tells MTV News.

SAN DIEGO"The Amazing Spider-Man" swung into

href="http://www.mtv.com/specials/comic_con">San Diego Comic-Con on Friday (July 22), and star Andrew Garfield made sure he came ready to talk about the comic book influences he drew from for his performance.

Part of what makes Garfield so endearing in the role is his passion for the character of Spider-Man and his love of the comic books. When he chatted with MTV News, he showed off his nerd cred by dropping comic book names when describing the suit and physicality he used for Peter Parker.

"The body time in the Ultimates is what I loved," he explained. "Because I'm skinny, if you hadn't noticed; I'm a skinny guy. I love the idea of a skinny guy beating the crap out of big guys just as a personal fantasy fulfillment."

But there was more to his performance than that. Garfield made sure he was very specific with his body movements and his physical appearance because he wanted to make a point of bringing more to the evolution of Peter Parker to Spider-Man than the previous films did.

"One of the elements that I was interested in was doing something with his physicality," Garfield said. "I wanted it to be like the venom, the spider bite, was doing something specific to his DNA ... In life, imagine like he has more arms than he does, more legs than he does, and more of a special awareness."

Fans have finally had a chance to take a look at "The Amazing

Spider-Man" thanks to a trailer that debuted earlier this week. But, as a huge fan himself, Garfield had a bit of a difficult time rationalizing to

himself that he was actually Spider-Man.

Garfield said there was only one moment in which he felt like he was Spider-Man instead of going through some strange out-of-body experience that wasn't really happening. "I was in a changing room on my own, and I could be honest with myself. I was really moved by it because no one else was around," Garfield said. "It was genuinely very, very emotional, and it felt surreal. It was the only moment

where I felt like I was Spider-Man."

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