'Breaking Dawn' Characters Wrestling With 'Adult Concerns'

Director Bill Condon tells Comic-Con crowd that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's real-life growth parallels Bella and Edward.

SAN DIEGO — Bill Condon was tasked with the difficult job of wrapping up the final two installments of "The Twilight Saga." But judging by the glowing response to two brand-new "Breaking Dawn" clips at San Diego Comic-Con, so far it seems safe to bet he's done a great job.

But for the director, the task was as much about creating a finale that will please fans as it was making something that he could be proud of. During Thursday afternoon's (July 21) "Breaking Dawn" panel in the Convention Center's Hall H, Condon called the event "the most incredible test screening I will ever have," because it was the first time he would be hearing fans' reactions to part one of the last two "Twilight" movies.

"It's amazing in this movie how much happens," Condon told the Comic-Con audience. "Bella's getting married or Bella's going to make love for the first time. People have been waiting for these moments, and everyone's imagined them, so you do want to get to the essence of what people might want but you can only do it the way, ultimately, you think is the most beautiful or the most powerful."

"Twilight" fans' possible reactions to a few scenes in particular have Condon feeling nervous, he admitted. "There are big scenes — the childbirth — that you just want to make sure that it's as powerful and as complete as it could be," he said.

It helps that his two stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have come into their own as actors over the course of the movies. Condon called Stewart "the real deal," while revealing that Pattinson was able to bring "more of himself" to the role of Edward Cullen in "Breaking Dawn" then he had in the previous installments.

"They're growing up. There was a year gap between the making of this movie and the last one, ['Eclipse'], so they're just a lot more comfortable in themselves," Condon explained. "I keep saying it's like 'Twilight Grows Up.' It's adult concerns: they're married now, it's like they're going to have a kid, it's that kind of stuff. You could see that it's connecting more to what their lives were like now than if they were still playing high school kids, because they're not high school kids anymore."

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