Jay-Z, Kanye West Try Dubstep On Watch The Throne

Producer Verse Simmonds opens up to MTV News about WTT track 'Who Gon Stop Me.'

[artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] and [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]'s collaborative Watch the Throne LP is shaping up to be the year's most anticipated release.

So far, fans have heard the Southern-fried, Lex Luger-produced "H.A.M." and the soul-drenched "Otis," which premiered Wednesday night on New York radio. While the two records both feature hard-nosed lyrics from Hov and 'Ye, their sounds couldn't be more different.

Well, the sonic versatility doesn't stop there. Singer/songwriter Verse Simmonds revealed to MTV News that the multiplatinum rap tandem will also be experimenting with dubstep on the new album.

After getting a call from Bu Thiam, Def Jam's VP of A&R, to submit tracks for WTT, Simmonds and his production partner, Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph, immediately went to work. "What we did is, we locked in a week, we just went crazy on everything Jay and Kanye," Simmonds told MTV News. "I remember telling Sham, I was like, 'Yo, I think this dubstep stuff is going to be the next new flavor that everybody gotta be on. It gotta have a hip-hop feel to it still.' "

The result is "Who Gon Stop Me," a track that, according to the "Buy You a Round" singer, is influenced by the U.K. style of electronic dance music. Together, Verse and Sak Pase make up the Jugganauts, and for "Who Gon Stop Me," Joseph made the beat and Simmonds wrote and referenced the chorus.

"We started creating the track, and it just started to come crazy, so we came up with the concept," Simmonds said before reciting a loose rendition of the song's lyrics. "It was like, 'Who gon stop me, huh? Black cards, Black cars, whole lot of money.' "

To pen the hook on the track, Verse said he first imagined himself in Jigga and Yeezy's shoes. "When I recorded it, everybody was like, 'Yo, you sound just like Kanye, you sound just like Jay-Z,' " he remembered. "It's just crazy, because I felt like, at that moment in time, I was them. I got into that mode of: 'What would these guys say? How would they say it?' I think they heard it the first time and loved it."

Hopefully, the fans will too.

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