'Breaking Dawn' Shirtless Scenes Make Robert Pattinson 'Nervous'

'I don't want to get anyone's hopes up,' he jokes to MTV News.

SAN DIEGO — The most dedicated Robert Pattinson fans — those who have pored over every interview, appearance, etc. — know that when it comes to talking about himself, their favorite "Twilight" heartthrob sometimes gets a bit uncomfortable. Every time the subject comes up, he starts running his fingers through his hair and making jokes at his own expense.

At the "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" press conference before the film's San Diego Comic-Con panel on Thursday (July 21), Pattinson was asked what scene gave him the most anxiety during the "Dawn" shoot. Pattinson was forced to endure a double-dose of nerves in talking about himself and having to address the amount of shirtlessness fans will see in the film.

"The thing I was most nervous about was taking my shirt off," Pattinson admitted.

"At least he's honest!" Kristen Stewart chimed in. "That's cool."

Pattinson went on to say that even though the Edward Cullen in Stephenie Meyer's books is frequently without a shirt, he kept trying to keep himself clothed in the films.

"I've managed to have my shirt on the whole series," he said. "In the book, [Edward is shirtless] almost every three pages. [I kept thinking,] 'How can I wear a T-shirt in the sea? Or a onesie?' " Pattinson joked about trying to film his water scenes fully clothed.

"I don't want to get anyone's hopes up," Pattinson added, speaking to what fans will see of his torso in the film and preview footage. "I look like an inflatable frankfurter in some of those [scenes]."

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