Jennifer Lopez Post-Marc Anthony: What's Next?

Fans weigh in on what they think caused the couple to split and where J.Lo will go from here.

NEW YORK — The world is still reacting to and hypothesizing about the split between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, her husband of seven years. While her recent music may have hinted at the split, only the two of them really know what happened. MTV News took to Times Square to see what some of Lopez's fans have to say about what's next now that she's back on the singles scene, and they proposed their ideas about what may have gone wrong between the two.

"I don't know, maybe they are not compatible. They weren't a match for each other," Naoko said. "I don't know why they started a relationship at the beginning. I don't know, but things happen and now they broke up."

Since the couple is still planning on shooting their forthcoming reality series "Q'Viva!" fans think they'll be able to keep it professional and make it work. Giulliana said simply, "They can be friends."

Whitney explained that "probably just differences, marriage issues" contributed to the breakup, adding, "I think they might be able [to spend time together] just because of the show, but it might be a little harder."

"We were shocked at first, and then I was like, 'Oh, she split again.' Wasn't she married a couple times before?" Emily wondered. "I think they will work together, being that they have two children together."

The news was so big that even entire families began calling each other about it. "Well, actually my grandmother called me from Miami, Florida, and [told me] to call my sister. I called my sister up and she was like, 'I was about to call you and tell you that,' " Leo recalled of the news.

And what does Leo think J.Lo is looking for in her next guy?

"Somebody with more money," he said. "I think Jennifer Lopez is ready for the next one and is ready to be single again. She'll probably move on to a new career now and somebody that will bring her to a new standard of movies, television."

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