Chris Evans 'Put The Gloves On' For 'Captain America' Stunts

'He's not flying, he's not shooting fire,' actor tells MTV News of Cap's real-man abilities.

Chris Evans has been honest about the fact that taking on the role of comic book hero Captain America wasn't an easy decision for him. However, once things got rolling, the reluctant superhero fully embraced the celebrated character and put all of the necessary hard work into his performance, especially the stunt work.

"The good thing about Cap is that most of his abilities are rooted in what a human being is capable of — he's not flying, he's not shooting fire," Evans explained to MTV News. "For the most part, the stunts involved were hand-to-hand combat, so any time I can put the gloves on and get in the ring, I'll do it."

So which stunt sequences in "Captain America: The First Avenger" were his favorites?

"There are a couple scenes, but I'm not going to tell ya," he teased. "We've got some good fight sequences. There are some big ... you'll have to go see [the movie]," he said, stopping before he could be tempted to reveal anything else. "You'll have to go see it."

In addition to stunts, being an actor involved in bringing a Marvel character to the big screen also means having tons of merchandise, including action figures, with your face plastered all over the packaging. Evans didn't admit to collecting any yet for himself but predicted his mom will try to grab anything she can get her hands on.

"These are all things my mother will collect and will fill our entire basement with," he mused while looking at a Cap toy that, when a button is pushed, spouts pre-recorded patriotic and motivational phrases like "I am Captain America!" "Rise and shine soldiers!" and "Courage makes a hero!"

"Courage does make a hero," Evans said with a smile. "He speaks the truth."

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