Jennifer Lopez Questioned Love On Album Before Split

Singer opened up to MTV News about trying to capture 'different moments in love.'

For fans wondering what went wrong with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in the wake of their split, perhaps they should look no further than the title of Lopez's last album, Love?.

In the lead-up to its release, Lopez spoke to MTV News about how she was examining her relationships on the record. She also admitted she has always questioned the true meaning of love.

"I'm excited for everyone to hear all of the album, but I think in particular some of the songs like 'What Is Love?,' 'One Love,' 'Run the World,' 'Papi,' 'Starting Over,' especially," she told us at an album-release event in Los Angeles in May. "They all express different moments in love and that's what this album was about. You know, sometimes it's difficult, sometimes it's amazing, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes you just don't know what to do. And I hope that I captured all of that on this album."

Lopez has explored the topic of love since the start of her career, beginning with her first single, "If You Had My Love," a tune that questions the nature of her beau's affections. She went on to sing about the inner workings of love on tracks like "Love Don't Cost a Thing." On Love?, Lopez's feelings about the emotion are all over the place, maybe giving us some insight about what she was dealing with in her personal life in the months before it was released.

In the spring, Lopez explained why she was excited for fans to hear the album: "some of them 'cause they're straight club bangers, some because of what they have to say and some because of how they make you groove. It's a mix; all my albums have always been a mix of urban and pop. ... They all are very thematic in the sense that they all are always about love."

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