'Friends With Benefits' Stars Weren't 'Begging To Be Naked'

'When I found out Mila was going to be naked, I was really sort of like, 'Ewww, gross,' ' Justin Timberlake jokes to MTV News.

In case you've missed them, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have been involved in a few very clever promotions for their upcoming romantic comedy "Friends With Benefits." There was their mutual groping at the MTV Movie Awards in June followed by a friendly public service announcement-style video touting the merits of a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

And if those efforts haven't already inspired you to see the film when it opens this weekend, perhaps the knowledge that the two attractive actors spend a lot of their screen time totally naked will increase a few ticket sales.

Speaking about said nude scenes — of which there are several that feature a bare Timberlake bottom — the two stars admitted to MTV News that however comfortable they may be with their bodies in private, they weren't dying to disrobe on camera.

"I wasn't begging [to be naked]," Timberlake said. "When I found out Mila was going to be naked, I was really sort of like, 'Ewww, gross,' " he joked. "But I guess if that's what it takes to make the movie, then I'll do it."

"[You are] such a hard worker," Kunis said, playing along with Timberlake's joke. "You're committed."

"I know. I am a hard worker," Timberlake assured us.

"He genuinely believes that [my being naked] was gross," Kunis added seriously.

"Shut up," Timberlake shot back playfully. "We had a lot of fun making the movie," he said sincerely. "[But] none of us were begging to be naked."

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