'Harry Potter' Star Emma Watson Will Be Back Onscreen Soon

'My Week With Marilyn' and 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' are the first two post-'Potter' projects Watson lined up.

We hope Emma Watson has already digested her post-"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" brunch. Because now that she's finished the project that virtually defined a decade of her life, the actress has plenty to look forward to.

The 21-year-old starlet did just a few non-"Potter" acting roles during her time with the franchise, only separating herself from Hermione long enough to star in the 2007 BBC film "Ballet Shoes" and lend her voice to 2008's "Tales of Despereaux." Now, she has wrapped her first two post-"Potter" films and is excited for people to see her outside of a "Harry Potter" capacity.

Up first is the Michelle Williams-starring adaptation of "My Week With Marilyn," based on Laurence Olivier's assistant's account of spending time with Marilyn Monroe (Williams) while she was filming "The Prince and the Showgirl." Watson plays a character named Lucy who goes on a few dates with leading man Eddie Redmayne. It's a minor role for a small film (which is slated for release this November), but it's garnering a lot of attention because of Watson's involvement.

"I've seen a trailer for it. It looks pretty amazing," Watson told MTV News at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. "I mean, Michelle is an incredible actress, and Eddie Redmayne is also in it, so he did a great job."

But her upcoming film that's getting the most buzz is the Summit Entertainment adaptation of Stephen Chbosky's coming-of-age novel, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." Watson plays Sam, the love interest of main character Charlie (played by Logan Lerman). It wrapped shooting several weeks ago, and Watson told us at the Movie Awards that the expectation was to turn it around and get it released quickly.

"It's so funny because I never thought I'd make another sort of high school-esque movie, and here I am in this coming-of-age, American teen [movie]," she said. "But it's very witty, and it's very funny and it's very moving, so I'm excited."

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