Rihanna Tops Lady Gaga In Facebook Fans

Rihanna has around 40,000 more admirers than Gaga on the social-networking site.

We talk a lot around here about all the records [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] is breaking, but as of Friday (July 15), there was one title that even Gaga's ferocious Little Monsters couldn't help her win: Queen of Facebook.

Though Mother Monster has an impressive 40,575,791 Facebook fans at press time, she was just pushed down to #2 in the bid to be the most popular woman on Facebook by [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist], who slipped into the lead with 40,616,457 fans, or around 40,000 more Facebook admirers than Gaga.

The passing of the torch was noted by Facebook's marketing director Randi Zuckerberg, who tweeted on Thursday, "Sorry, Gaga! As of today, Rihanna has passed Lady Gaga as the #1 most popular woman on Facebook."

Of course Gaga still rules the roost on Twitter (with 11.6 million followers, she bests Rihanna, who is down at #13 in Twitter followers), where she was the first person to surpass the 10 million mark. And that's just one of the many records she's smashed on her way to the top.

She can also breathe easier now that her personal YouTube channel has been restored after going offline earlier this week thanks to a copyright-violation issues.

A YouTube spokesperson told MTV News that the takedown order was given after Gaga had accumulated an unspecified amount of copyright claims, which results in an automatic suspension of an account. The clip that appeared to trigger the suspension involved unauthorized posting of a recent performance from Japan involving the popular boy band SMAP, who appeared in a medley of Gaga tunes on a TV broadcast.

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