Evanescence Fans Share Their Enthusiasm For New Songs

'Their sound has changed, but I can't deny Amy's heart-achingly beautiful voice,' one fan tweets of new tracks.

All week, MTV News has been unveiling sneak peeks of [artist id="1233986"]Evanescence[/artist]'s much-anticipated new album, beginning with Monday's first listen to the band's booming comeback single, "What You Want."

On Wednesday, we drew the curtain back on another equally voluminous song, "The Other Side," and on Friday, we'll finish things up with a third tune, an epic, ethereal ballad called "Lost in Paradise."

And though we expected Evanescence fans would be pretty excited to hear new music, especially since it's been nearly four years since the band has released a single, we had no idea the response would be as overwhelming as it has been. Our first two sneak peeks were the most-read stories on MTVNews.com on the days they went up, and we're expecting the same for the third. And through it all, we've been receiving tons of comments from Ev supporters around the globe.

In fact, to demonstrate that response, on Thursday afternoon (July 14), I took to Twitter and asked fans to send me their reactions to "What You Want" and "The Other Side." Here's just a small sampling of what I received from Evanescence fans all across the world.

"New Evanescence jams are great, another welcomed chapter of their musical EVolution! Never disappointed by their sound!" @ET_123

"Evanescence is still alive, and Amy was right: they're back and better than ever. I've listened to 'What You Want' and 'The Other Side' so many times, my mom doesn't bother coming into the computer room anymore." @EverEvanescence

"Five years later, Evanescence comes back with a heavier and more mature sound. [The new] songs are PERFECT! It's definitely a new sound, combined with their classic one. Heavy, but fun! Vocals, guitars, bass, drums. They all sound perfect in the two sneak peeks." @TanyaThe1

"From the start Ev has carved its place in me; their sound has changed but I can't deny Amy's heart-achingly beautiful voice! [She] couldn't keep singing the same way (all angst and pain) [because] she is older and in a healthier place. [Her] voice would make a Lady Gaga or Ke$ha song sound like a beautiful masterpiece, like a million bucks!" @Oceankitties

" 'The Other Side' totally blew the F#*$ away! It's very heavy; the instrumentation and the theme of the song is brilliant!" @TabooEV

" 'The Other Side' is a fun, dark anthem. I was late for work because I was listening to it on replay." @Jimere_Music

"[It's] another exciting evolution of sound for Evanescence but with the same darkly romantic, moody energy they've always had." @Alastair992

"Despite years of absence from the music industry, Ev fans are ready to submerge themselves again in an ocean of sounds ... Evanescence brings back the 'smack u in the face' factor the music industry was missing with 'What You Want.' @1solavez

"They're looser, deeper, heavier but still dark with Amy's vocals intact. Her vocals are in harmony with the music more so than before, making the new music different and much more powerful at the same time." @aliigh

"The snippets were AMAZING. You can definitely tell that they've expanded their creative boundaries as musicians." @pinkglamgrrl35

"Evanescence is that band who grow with their fans, we're not the same kids from 2006, now we grow up and Evanescence too ... these new songs are a new chapter in our lives with Ev... an awesome, stronger, and beautiful way to started, thank you!" @EvanesMen

"Her voice stirs my soul awake, while the drums convey the pounding of my heart racing in anticipation of Ev radio domination." @tylerkellye

"Waiting 5 years will be worth it, not just for the return of Ev, but for the work done by the band. This is so f----- exciting, dude." @Adri_Ev

We still want to hear what you think of the new Evanescence songs! Share your reviews in the comments below.